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Re: Dress Code

by amelinda (Friar)
on Feb 07, 2001 at 01:39 UTC ( #56794=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Dress Code

Lessee... this week we've got some programmers out visiting from another company that we're doing a joint project with, and the email about dress for their visit went like: "You don't need to dress business casual, but try not to be too sloppy, ok?" Man, I like where I work.

That said, I wear jeans and turtlenecks a lot. In the summer, I wear more tshirts. I have two stacks of tshirts, ones I'll wear to the office (plain, computer related, etc) and ones I won't (Betty Page, "Dealing With Users" (an O'Really shirt), "Sleeps well with others"). I've been known to wear my "Christianity is Stupid" shirt to Village Inn on Sunday mornings when they're full of churchgoers.

On the other hand, I'm slowly developping a taste for cute little cotton dresses and slowly building a collection of interviewing clothes (silk pants and skirts and jackets and so on). And in my other life, I wear a wide assortment of medieval and renaissance clothing (funny, a lot of that's silk too), from tunic and pants to cotehardie to late Italian ren.

Geek is who you are, not what you wear.

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Re: Re: Dress Code
by neshura (Chaplain) on Feb 07, 2001 at 03:05 UTC
    Dresses are cool. I used to wear the same greenish khaki pants and t-shirts every day. It was comfortable, that was what I told myself.

    Except I looked like a clone. I've made fun of clones before, like the packs of trade show guys in khakis and logo polo shirts...but I didn't realize until recently that I was conforming to everyone else's idea of what a female geek ought to look like. I decided to go a slightly different direction in my self-expression.

    I have not yet worn an actual ballgown to work, but I've come close. I don't like sleek androgynous women's clothes that look like men's clothes with a lower neckline. I like wandering around a dull office wearing SILK and RUFFLES and POUFY SLEEVES and 27 BRACELETS!! And I am not afraid to admit it. It's not like I'm crossdressing, I just have a preference for the same stuff that my grandmother likes.

    Silk, silk, silk, silk. I like it, I'll wear it, and the easily-influenced fad-following chiX0rs can have the J. Crew and Gap boring unisex cotton sweatshop products.

    Not only that, but I've found that expensive or handmade clothes of high quality are far more comfortable than ill-tailored mass-manufactured clothes. I'd rather have a beautiful linen suit made for me (it's cheaper than you might think) than spend mindnumbing hours at the mall trying on 20 pairs of jeans trying to find something that fits.

    Anyway, to conclude this rant, I'm not a suit, I'm a geek in a dress.

    e-mail neshura

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