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Re: Help with better complex hash processing

by YuckFoo (Abbot)
on Sep 27, 2006 at 18:46 UTC ( #575220=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Help with better complex hash processing

If you just wanna get rid of the long series of dereferences that tend to uglify the code and cause much typing, save each step of dereference inside each loop.


for my $nkey (keys %$exception_report) { my $node = $exception_report->{$nkey}; print "Exceptions for $nkey:\n\n"; for my $ekey (keys %$node) { my $exception = $node->{$ekey}; for my $fkey (keys %$exception) { my $file = $exception->{$fkey}; while ( my ($metric, $value) = each %$file) { print "\t$ekey : ($fkey) $metric = $value\n"; } } } }

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Node Type: note [id://575220]
[Corion]: Yay. I've now published (at $work) that random Excel workbook where on one sheet you enter your SQL and on the other sheet, you have a button and receive the results. I'm so evil in enabling cow-orkers to self-supply ;)
[Corion]: It's close to my Perl script where you paste in the SQL and get the result as XLSX file, but I guess the Excel sheet is more user-friendly :)
[choroba]: What drivers does it support? ;-)
[erix]: sounds cool -- but now you have to give SQL lessons?

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