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Re: My Valentine's Day Planning Includes:

by lemming (Priest)
on Feb 11, 2001 at 09:32 UTC ( #57716=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to My Valentine's Day Planning Includes:

I'm another vote for other. Though it was tempting to get a reservation at Atwater's since it's also their last night in business. But as turnstep said, they're mob scenes. You usually get a pre-planned dinner at a higher price that while nice, is being shared with however many other people. Plus the wait staff only motivation to be there is to get a better tip from the romantics.
Plan for the day:
A lovely doctor's appt at the Nose, Ear, Throat doctor.
Cram in as much work as possible to make up for the next two weeks of vacation which will be the real Valentine's present.
That night, I'll pick up some flowers for my wife, but we'll spend the night at home. Negotiations are still in progress in what the meal shall be and who will do the majority of the preparation.
Go to bed early since we have a road trip to San Jose the next morning.
Depending on the mood I may request a J. Geils song from the radio station.

-Mark Lemming
ps. Happy birthday ailie

Update in a semi-footpad style:
Behind schedule in packing. Spent the morning doing some work from home. Got the tires rotated and oil changed. Wow, were the mechanics non-busy or what? I drove in and out of both places ~45 minutes later.
Then to the Nose, Ear, Throat guy. My MRI hadn't shown up there so based on symptoms and and the report, they'll shove a needle in and do some gross bits. (My wife is looking forward to watching, though she rathered I didn't have to have it done)
Then a rush to work. (only did 36 hours in three days, I feel like a slacker)
And then tonight, a mad flurry of packing. I think my wife and I will celebrate Valentine's Day late in New Orleans

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