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Re^2: OO in Perl 6

by Scott7477 (Chaplain)
on Oct 17, 2006 at 15:12 UTC ( #578805=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: OO in Perl 6
in thread OO in Perl 6

Thanks for the tip, Limbic~Region. Just shows I need to do a little more RTFM (reading the flaming manual, as I like think of that acronym):). I appreciate the other comments as well. I agree that changing from the arrow to the dot is a relatively minor change in the realm of things that will be different in Perl 6 vs Perl 5. I came to Perl from the world of Visual Basic, where object methods and properties are invoked/referenced using the dot operator. As monarch's comment implies, which operator you are most comfortable with likely will depend on the thought processes you have ingrained in your brain based on the sum of your coding experience. Fortunately, with Perl, TMTOWTDI...

P.S. I don't think one should underestimate the "stickiness" of certain conventions, even in the face of apparently superior technical advancements. I'd be willing to bet that a majority of monks type out their comments, code snippets, etc. on QWERTY keyboards where the layout is obviously optimized for use with mechanical typewriters. So why not switch to the dot prompt, which legions of programmers are already comfortable with?

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Re^3: OO in Perl 6
by doom (Deacon) on Oct 18, 2006 at 11:45 UTC
    While it is true that the Perl 6 design is still floating around a bit, the switch from "->" to "." is pretty much engraved in stone.

    If you really want to keep track of what's going on with perl 6, you should probably be at least skimming the perl 6 mailing list weekly summaries.

    You can also peruse the "Perl 6 Design Meeting Minutes" over at, but you should be forewarned that it's not likely to give you the warm fuzzies about the progress of Perl 6. For example:

    • 11 October 2006
      * only redesigning the basic syntax of the language
      * other than that...
    • October 06, 2006
      * getting caught up with work after my Europe trip
      * attempting to use Perl 6 for some of that
      * Pugs is not terribly fast at that, so it's not entirely practical
      * getting some experience with programming Perl 6
      * it's kinda cool
      * but in spots I think "who thought up this?"
      You left out the fact that the program ran 60x faster after upgrading to ghc-6.6, so it's actually quite usable now.

      But yes, transcribed phone meeting notes are not designed to convey humor well, nor do they shield the reader from the fact that most reports consist of busy people complaining that they have only 24 hours in a day. :-)

      A much better view of where things stand comes from mailing lists and the irc channels, but those take a certain amount of ongoing attention.

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