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Re: My Valentine's Day Planning Includes:

by amelinda (Friar)
on Feb 12, 2001 at 21:46 UTC ( #57924=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to My Valentine's Day Planning Includes:

Lessee... My plan for VD1 starts on Tuesday:
  • Try to get off of work early
  • Come home and put the last few items into the truck
  • Kiss loving husband goodbye
  • Drive to Estrella War (near Phoenix)
  • Arrive on site at about 8am
  • Unpack the truck and find some big guy to help me set up the tent
  • Go visit my grandparents (in Paradise Valley)
  • Pick up said loving husband from the airport in the evening
  • Go back to the grandparents' house
  • Finally go to sleep
Woo. Woo. But then, Cathyn and I aren't big on the whole VD thing anyway. But then, I hate holidays in general - usually not because of what they stand for, but the butchering job that Hallmark has perpetrated upon the US. Fscking Hallmark.

1 Yes, I deliberately pick an abbreviation that has another, less pleasant meaning. I despise the disgusting ways in which holidays in the US have been subverted by the Church of Consumerism.
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Re: Re: My Valentine's Day Planning Includes:
by royalanjr (Chaplain) on Feb 13, 2001 at 02:43 UTC
    <large>VIVAT! :-)</large>

    and good luck...

    Roy Alan

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