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Re: Change location in new window

by osunderdog (Deacon)
on Nov 25, 2006 at 07:28 UTC ( [id://585984]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Change location in new window

In the CGI docs, look under the heading "WORKING WITH FRAMES". There's a statement in there that says:

You may provide a -target parameter to the header() method: print $q->header(-target=>'ResultsWindow'); ... If a frame of that name doesn't already exist, the browser will pop up + a new window and load your script's document into that. ...

Hazah! I'm Employed!

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Re^2: Change location in new window
by ikegami (Patriarch) on Nov 25, 2006 at 07:37 UTC

    Interesting. That outputs a non-standard HTTP header. Any idea how well it is supported?

    It's not mentioned in the HTML spec either. The only mention I've found on the IETF or W3 sites is to an old draft RFC.

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