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Hi gurus,

I have big trouble!Last day, a python fan have claimed perl is a garbage language.python is much better than it. And raise a question to test perl's "ability":

using letters of a string,enumerate all secret code.

below is my code(I admit it's a garbage)
$letters = shift @ARGV ||"ABC"; @letter = split //,$letters; for $a (1..$#letter) { for $b (1..$#letter) { for $c (1..$#letter) { $scode = $letter[$c].$letter[$b].$letter[$a] +; print $scode."\n"; } } }
below is his code (with python)
import string DEFAULT_CHAR_SET = string.letters + string.digits + st +ring.punctuation class PasswordGenerator(object) : def __init__(self, seeds = DEFAULT_CHAR_SET) : self.seeds = seeds self.Outer = None self.cursor = 0 def next(self) : self.cursor += 1 if self.cursor == len(self.seeds) : self.cursor = 0 if not self.Outer : self.Outer = PasswordGenerator(s +elf.seeds) else : def value(self) : if self.Outer : return self.Outer.value() + self.seeds +[self.cursor] else : return self.seeds[self.cursor] def __iter__(self) : while 1 : yield self.value() if __name__ == "__main__" : g = PasswordGenerator() for i in g : print i

I'm a perl fan and zealot,but not a accomplished programmer.So my question is:
1.Who can transfer his code to perl, or tell me algorithm of his code? I don't know python at all!
2.We could write a better code with perl,couldn't we?

Thanks in advance for answer my foolish and childish question!
All responds are appreciated!