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Re: How to sendmail using Perl in WindowXP

by chargrill (Parson)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 00:16 UTC ( #596653=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How to sendmail using Perl in WindowXP

Here's one way. Please note that this was just pulled from some code I had lying around that sends an email through outlook (contrary to some of my contemporaries it wasn't really all that hard ;-) - as such, there are a few functions referenced in this snippet that are not provided.

my( $outlook, $message ) = open_outlook(); build_email( $message, $maindate, $file ); send_email( $message ); sub build_email { my( $message, $date, $file ) = @_; my $displaydate = format_date( $date ); $message->{'To'} = q{}; $message->{'Subject'} = q{This is the subject}; ( $message->{'Body'} =<<" EOBODY" ) =~ s/^ //gm; blah blah blah EOBODY my $attachment = $message->Attachments(); $attachment->Add( $file ); return 1; } sub send_email { my $message = shift; $message->Send(); return 1; } sub open_outlook { my $outlook = Win32::OLE->GetActiveObject( 'Outlook.Application' ) || Win32::OLE->new( 'Outlook.Application', \&OleQuit ) || die "can't create Outlook.Application: is it installed? : $! +: $^E"; my $message = $outlook->CreateItem(0) || die "can't create new message : $! : $^E"; return( $outlook, $message ); }

s**lil*; $*=join'',sort split q**; s;.*;grr; &&s+(.(.)).+$2$1+; $; = qq-$_-;s,.*,ahc,;$,.=chop for split q,,,reverse;print for($,,$;,$*,$/)

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