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by Tanktalus (Canon)
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Last update: Sep 19, 2019 at 20:55 UTC
[petro4213]Hi there, I've got a Perl program with a GUI, that has a "Restart" button. When I hit it, the program restarts itself using an exec call.
[petro4213]This works fine on Windows 7. But on Windows 10 it behaves different:
[petro4213]The program ends after the call to exec, but it doesn't restart unless I hit the "Enter" key in the command window from which I started the program the first time.
[petro4213]Does anyone have an idea where this different behavior comes from and if I can do something about it from the Perl side?
[Corion]petro4213: exec on Windows is a fickle thing anyway. I would implement the "exec" functionality either with a looping .cmd file calling the Perl script, or by programming the "restart" facility within Perl, as a loop instead of a restart/exec
[Corion]How do you launch the program? Through a cmd file already? Or do you invoke it as perl

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