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Where the hell can we find some perl developers?

The shortage of Perl developers appears to be a global one. Here in Australia we seem to have a constant stream of e-mail and phone calls asking if we know of any Perl developers looking for work.

The Perl businesses in which I have contacts have fulfilled their demand primarily by poaching from each other, training new staff, and relocating developers from overseas, usually from the USA and UK. Now is a very, very good time to be a Perl developer in Australia. Demand is far outstripping supply.

Depending upon your business requirements, you may be able to build new developers from scratch. Grab some very smart university graduates (they're cheap, and used to learning new skills), send them on some Perl courses to get them started, and then nurture them for a year. At the end of it you should have some reasonably skillful individuals who are very familiar with your systems.

Just make sure you keep them happy, otherwise they'll get poached and relocated to Australia. ;)