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Re^2: What's wrong with Perl 6?

by duff (Parson)
on May 11, 2007 at 03:36 UTC ( #614804=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: What's wrong with Perl 6?
in thread What's wrong with Perl 6?

Wow, you're just a bundle of optimism and hope tonight, aren't you? :-)

Andy, I agree that the people working on Perl 6 are aware of the complaints. My queries aren't so much for them as for the rest of the perl community. There are many people that have misapprehensions about Perl 6 only because no one has told them otherwise. The conventional wisdom (in broad brush strokes) has it that Perl 6 will never get here and they haven't seen any reason to believe otherwise.

My goal is to air out the wrong-headedness and FUD a little bit to hopefully better educate people on what Perl 6 is and what Perl 6 isn't. And that Perl 6 is not the end of Perl.

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Re^3: What's wrong with Perl 6?
by petdance (Parson) on May 11, 2007 at 17:35 UTC
    I have plenty of hope and optimism. That's why I hope that you'll abandon this.

    There's been plenty of dispelling of FUD. At this point, the only thing that really matters is results, getting the product out. There's no point in talking about what Perl 6 is going to be. That ship has sailed. We need to get the damn thing out, and anything that distracts from that is wrong-headed.

    If you really want to help Perl 6, work on code, rather than talking about it.

    Or, to quote Jesse Vincent's shirts: "Shut the fuck up and write some code". Failing that, don't distract those that are doing that.


      Y'know, reading this thread and feeling the vibe, the discourse, the strength of community and interest in discussion and not only doing the right thing but being proven to be doing the right thing by the sort of community consensus that's been driving us forward for so long, I felt a great burgeoning sense of hope about perl 6 that I haven't felt for a long time.

      And then your small-minded, nasty comments made me feel physically sick and nearly ruined it all until I realised that that was all they were.

      Maybe you could try 'Shut the fuck up and write some code' yourself. Or at least don't bother the people who want to talk positively -and- write code. Because god dammit I'm loving this and I don't want you to spoil it any more than you already did.

      -- mst, DBIx::Class maintainer, Catalyst and Moose contributor and perl advocate

        I do write plenty of code. Perhaps you've seen my CPAN directory.

        There is no "community consensus", especially on Perl 6 and Parrot. Rounding up complaints from the peanut gallery doesn't help anyone. Discussing what people don't like is effectively organized bitching.


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