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hmmm.. I take the pessimistic view that we are pretty much hatched on this planet anyway. Lets give living in space a go. I like Larry Nivens' RingWorld on a smaller scale. Short of that, lets build RAMA. Hell, I could use a few centuries cryogenic rest between months of work. And a space elevator is do-able from my point of view.

Regarding the DoEd, our education system is designed to keep kids as ignorant as possible. I am appalled at what I have witnessed as my two daughters have gone through school, and am even more appalled now that my wife is teaching math to urban high-schoolers. Leave NASA have their budget, it is a good investment with a lot of returns. I propose we invest in making the schools places of education, not day care centers and labs for social experiments.

My! I do seem to be venting!!

I am sure I will get over it.. LOL... TANSTAAFL

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