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Yeh the spec is blatantly spec light but editi does say that given the two arrays shown part of the output should be ME=17 which is the sum of the two values related to ME if you take a a relation based on position in array. educated_foo's output did not contain ME=17.

The spec is poor, it stinks but in real life I'd consider this pretty clear. I spent most of today trying to translate some vague idea of an SLA explained with graphs, tables and traffic lights into something that can actualy be measured.

creating definetive from vague specs is a normal part of my work, if this was a job of course I'd have translated editi's spec into somthing a tad formal and gone back for signoff but given what we have to go on I think educated_foo's answer was wrong.


Pereant, qui ante nos nostra dixerunt!