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Adding the functionality for N-sided dice was next on my list; needless to say it should be relatively trivial to implement. After looking through CPAN, it appears that David Cantrell's Games::Dice::Advanced module also fills the bill.

Also, as zentara points out further down this thread, davido's Custom-faced Dice snippet allows you to "define the faces of the die. That allows for traditional six sided numeric-faced dice, or alphabet-faced dice, or even, magic-eight-ball style dice."

I scanned the source code of the various dice modules at CPAN, and one thing I will say for my implementation here is that it appears to be unique in using the Statistics::Descriptive module. I found the documentation for this module to be very well written and it includes most of the basic stats functions that one might use regularly. The module's interface is completely object oriented, which I prefer. I would recommend that anyone who does stats with Perl take a look at this module.