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Re^3: Creating Metadata from Text File

by poqui (Deacon)
on Jul 20, 2007 at 19:06 UTC ( #627853=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Creating Metadata from Text File
in thread Creating Metadata from Text File

Yours sounds like an adequate "brute force" method; but if you have the time, you should take a look at RDF (Resource Desciption Format) which is the standard for metadata about documents and other things that a library might consider a "Resource"; its being extended to encompass other things as well; like code and databases; but it started right where you are at now.

I suggest it because there are tools to search RDF for matching resources, based on subject and meaning, rather than just the appearance of certain words.

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Re^4: Creating Metadata from Text File
by Trihedralguy (Pilgrim) on Jul 20, 2007 at 19:15 UTC
    While I haven't gone looking quite yet, do you know if these other RDF solutions are perl driven.
    I'm trying to do it the "brute force" method because we need something quick, easy, and something that can be completely automated. I will have to at least look into this RDF you speak of.
      No, unfortunately there is not much perl driven development in the Metadata/Semantics space that I am aware of. Most of it seems to be Java right now.

      And please, don't take my reference to "brute force" in the wrong way; its admirable that you are attemting this at all, and I will be eager to see any results you achieve: but I wanted you to know that others had attempted this before and came up with a very useful method.

      I am primarily a data warehouse developer, but I have been interested in metadata collection and utilisation for about 5 years now. Tim Berners-Lee is pushing for standards in this area; and RDFS (RDF-Schemae) is a big step toward his "Semantic Web" goal.
        Oh well...In the eyes of a un-informed intern (*grins*) the database is there for the taking, and while I haven't submitted my database information to our DBA yet, I hope they don't freak out when they see "varchar2 5000" on the list.

        Anyway, I appreciate your help thus far.

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