in reply to DBI vs DBIx::Recordset vs princepawn vs chromatic

As danger said, everything you publish will attract opinions, some good and some bad. After one of my articles for they set up a forum to discuss it, and the title of he first post was "This is a terrible advice for Perl developers". That's OK, if people disagree then they should say so. I learnt a thing or two in the ensuing discussion.

Now there might have been a problem in how you got to read chromatic's opinion, but why not send him an email, or /msg him and get this out of the way so you (and we) can discuss calmly the technical disagreements you have.

On that point I am certainly not an expert in using DBI, but when reading your article I could not help but notice that it was quite unfair with DBI. If DBIx::Recordset is such a great module you don't have to use deliberately clumsy DBI constructs to prove it. This certainly detracts from your goal. And believe me, if I noticed it, I am probably not the only one. Being enthusiastic about a module is one thing, not being fair when comparing it to other modules is another.