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Perlmonks Navigator

by tilly (Archbishop)
on Mar 18, 2001 at 05:46 UTC ( [id://65224]=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: PerlMonks Related Scripts
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Description: First, while this is useful and Perlmonks related, it isn't Perl. It is JavaScript.

d/l the code, and save the two pieces marked with ##filename=foo.html## as what the name is supposed to be. Be sure cookies and JavaScript are on. Then point your browser at perlmonks.html, and try it out.

With this, this morning I was able to walk through every post for several days worth of PerlMonks in just a few hours. Most of that time was spent writing up responses. With this I can follow the whole site with less energy than it would take to hit a reasonable portion of it through using Newest Nodes.

Clearly my cookie handling in JavaScript sucks. Oh well, I don't like either cookies or JavaScript, so I guess that was my internal bias showing. :-) Now fixed.

    <title>Perlmonks Navigator</title>
  <frameset cols='10%,90%'>
    <frame name='control' src='nav.html' scrolling='yes'>
    <frame name='perlmonks'
      src='' scrolling=

  <title>Perlmonks Navigation Sidebar</title>

   <form name="nav_control">
     <input type="button" value="prev"  onClick="move(-1)"><br>
     <input type="button" value="next" onClick="move(1)"><p>
     <input type="text" size="8" name="article_no"><br>
     <input type="button" value="jump" onClick="move_to(document.nav_c
     <input type="button" value="cookie" onClick="alert(document.cooki

     var cookie_index = "pm_index";

     function get_next_year () {
       var year = new Date();
       year.setFullYear(year.getFullYear() + 1);
       return year;

     // Takes the encoded name of the attrib, returns the decoded valu
     function get_cookie_attrib (name) {
       var stored_as = unescape(name) + "=";
       var pieces = document.cookie.split(/; /);
         for (my_index in document.cookie.split("")) {
           var piece = pieces[my_index];
           if (null == piece)
           if (0 == piece.indexOf(stored_as)) {
             var escaped_val = piece.substr(stored_as.length);
             return unescape(escaped_val);
       return null;

     // Gets the current pos or "tilly"'s home node
     function get_cur_pos () {
       // Don't forget that this should be a number.
       var cur_pos = get_cookie_attrib(cookie_index) - 0;
       return (0 == cur_pos ? 26179 : cur_pos);

     // Move forward or back
     function move (count) {
       move_to(get_cur_pos() + count);

     // Takes an index, moves there.
     function move_to (pos) {
       set_cookie_attrib(cookie_index, pos);
       document.nav_control.article_no.value = pos;
       parent.perlmonks.location.href =
         "" + pos;

     // Takes a name/value, encodes and stores them in the cookie
     function set_cookie_attrib (name, value) {
       // This does not disturb other attributes.  Why?
       // Just another stupid JavaScript interface decision. :-(
       var cookie_str = escape(name) + "=" + escape(value);
       cookie_str += ";expires= " + get_next_year().toGMTString();
       document.cookie = cookie_str;

     // Default location

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Re: Perlmonks Navigator
by busunsl (Vicar) on Mar 19, 2001 at 13:26 UTC
    Nice work !

    It's working fine with Netscape 4.7x, but it doesn't work with Mozilla 0.8.
    But I think that's a bug in Mozilla :-(

      It's working fine under Mozilla 0.9.3 on my RedHat 6.2 box

      Good Stuff!

Re: Perlmonks Navigator
by poqui (Deacon) on Aug 16, 2001 at 18:52 UTC
    Its working fine in MS IE 5.5 too. Thanks for the tool!

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