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Re^2: RFC: Changing Perl Config settings

by Bloodrage (Monk)
on Feb 22, 2008 at 09:18 UTC ( #669495=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: RFC: Changing Perl Config settings
in thread Changing Perl Config settings

Snap. This is my commandprompt.bat that's executed when I open my command prompt. As you can see it's all there. U3_DEVICE_PATH is set by Command Prompt Portable, and is the current drive letter of my flash drive.
@echo off color 07 prompt $p$g title Command Prompt Portable cls ver echo Setting Path to other files path %U3_DEVICE_PATH%\usr\bin;%PATH% set LIB=%U3DEVICE_PATH%\usr\lib;%LIB% set INCLUDE=%U3DEVICE_PATH%\usr\include;%INCLUDE% echo Setting Path to Strawberry Perl path %U3_DEVICE_PATH%\strawberry\c\bin;%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\strawberry\per +l\bin;%PATH% set LIB=%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\strawberry\c\lib;%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\strawberry\ +perl\bin;%LIB% set INCLUDE=%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\strawberry\c\include;%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\str +awberry\perl\lib\CORE;%INCLUDE% echo Setting Path to GTK+ path %U3_DEVICE_PATH%\GTK\bin;%PATH% set LIB=%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\GTK\lib;%LIB% set INCLUDE=%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\System\GTK\INCLUDE;%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\Syste +m\GTK\INCLUDE\GTK-2.0;%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\System\GTK\INCLUDE\GLIB-2.0;%U +3_DEVICE_PATH%\System\GTK\INCLUDE\PANGO-1.0;%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\System\G +TK\INCLUDE\CAIRO;%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\System\GTK\INCLUDE\ATK-1.0;%U3_DEVI +CE_PATH%\System\GTK\INCLUDE\GTKGLEXT-1.0;%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\System\GTK\ +LIB\GTK-2.0\INCLUDE;%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\System\GTK\LIB\GLIB-2.0\INCLUDE; +%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\System\GTK\LIB\GTKGLEXT-1.0\INCLUDE;%U3_DEVICE_PATH% +\System\GTK\INCLUDE\LIBGLADE-2.0;%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\System\GTK\INCLUDE\ +LIBXML2;%INCLUDE% set GTK_BASEPATH=%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\GTK set PKG_CONFIG_PATH=%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\GTK\lib\pkgconfig echo Setting Path to Cygwin path %U3_DEVICE_PATH%\cygwin\bin;%PATH% echo Update CPAN config file perl %U3_DEVICE_PATH%\system\bin\ cd\

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