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Although I signed up for PerlMonks quite a while back, I've only been visiting regularly and actively participating since October 2003. I find the (usually) helpful and (usually) friendly atmosphere here to be a real inspiration and a good solid model of what an online community can become with hard working site developers, a knowledgeable user base, and a core group of people who care both about the accuracy of the information and about the feelings of their fellow travelers on the perl path. Thanks to all of you.

I've been using computers in education and social justice projects for about 20 years (and without computers about 10 years before that). Perl has helped me accomplish many, many things I needed to get done. And (when I wasn't tearing my hair out over moronic bugs I introduced myslef) it helped me to do those things in a fun and thought-provoking way.

In case it's of interest, I'm author/maintainer of a number of CPAN modules.