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Re: Is it too late for Parrot VM?

by webfiend (Vicar)
on Jun 26, 2008 at 00:43 UTC ( #694077=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Is it too late for Parrot VM?

Not so interesting, actually. Somebody thinks Product B is cool, and suddenly thinks that Product A will fail unless it starts looking and tasting exactly like Product B. I'll have to file this post in the "Perl is dead" folder, right next to the "Apple is going out of business" and "Linux is doomed" folders that have been steadily filling up for years.

Addendum: That paragraph was a little inarticulate, but I'm just bugged by the amount of well-intentioned whining that goes on in blog posts like that. Lord knows I've done plenty of it myself. We would love to see our guys win, but we won't take any steps to improve the situation. We don't want to do anything that might actually help when it feels so much better to sit on the sidelines, wring our hands nervously, and offer useless commentary. Do you think there aren't enough languages running on the Parrot VM? There's a way to fix that, you know. Study Parrot and write a language that runs on it. If you don't feel like doing that, then find something more interesting to talk about.

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