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Re: Least favorite non-geek(s) at my job:

by tom10animal (Monk)
on Jun 25, 2008 at 22:37 UTC ( #694091=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Least favorite non-geek(s) at my job:

Yesterday at work, I had one of the bosses for the power company that my company is doing a fish study for come up and ask me if her electrical engineering intern who has no experience with Perl (or computers in general), biology, or field work, could tag along with me for the day. I guess I could have her carry the backpack with the computer and other equipment in it, row the boat (electrical noise from two-stroke boat motors interferes with radio telemetric data reception) or watch while my script translates the data files.

The thing is, all the "hard" work is done, i.e. writing and testing the script to interperet the data, setting up the data receiving equipment, and tagging the fish, so to an outsider who's footing the bill for this study it doesn't look like a lot is going on right now, especially since the data won't mean a lot until the study is complete. Oh well, enough ranting, I guess I'll have to put on a dog and pony show for the power company so they'll continue to keep me employed.

Tom "Turkey" Schaffer ( : >~

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