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by jandrew (Chaplain)
on Aug 26, 2008 at 21:38 UTC ( [id://706986]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Just a mechanical engineer that uses perl for data parsing rather than excel whenever possible. I am nearly exclusivly a windows user.

My code is rarely used in a speed critical manner so I generally opt for ease of coding over speed of run time. This means that I don't generally fear dependency heavy modules or modules with big footprints. (Moose and DateTime are examples)

My work expertise largely falls in product warranty and manufacturing. My perl work areas of interest are dirty data input management, data output, and organization and reporting of the data. I also dabble of necessity and poorly into supervised text parsing / data mining of call and repair tech information. While I continue to visit the monastery absorbing random inspiration any directed brilliant pointers in this area are welcome.

Personal TODO:

  • A cooking program that manages recipes, food inventory, nutritional content, menu planning, shopping lists, and store recommendations.
  • A personal finance website that keeps the work on the server but leaves the data on the customers machine.
  • A perl LOGO implementation like pythonturtle
    The goal would be to treat the the turtle like a moose object and allow editing, more objects, and possibly more than one coder to interact on the screen at once.

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