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by kennethk (Abbot)
on Sep 18, 2008 at 19:23 UTC ( [id://712372]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I am a neophyte to Perl with a background in scientific computation using Fortran (77/9x).(I don't think Saints count as newbies...) I've used Perl primarily for shredding files and database interface.

Any original code I post on Perlmonks, unless otherwise noted, is public domain. I offer no warranties and I assume no responsibility for any problems with its use. It's free - what do you expect?

Some links that are useful for answering user questions:

If you stumble across this node and know of a node I've overlooked, please msg me.


[id://172086] - How (Not) To Ask A Question

[id://510718] - I know what I mean. Why don't you?

[id://174051] - How do I post a question effectively?

[id://542341] - XY Problem

[|On Asking Questions of Bears] - On Asking Questions of Bears

[|How To Ask Questions The Smart Way] - How To Ask Questions The Smart Way


[id://17558] - Writeup Formatting Tips

[id://674668] - Markup in the Monastery

[id://43037] - What shortcuts can I use for linking to other information?

[id://29281] - Perl Monks Approved HTML tags

Introductory Materials:

[] -

[] -

[id://519264] in the [Tutorials] - Getting Started with Perl in the Tutorials

[|Beginning Perl] - Beginning Perl

[] -

[id://1186493] - Beginning Perl or Learning Perl?

General References:

[id://745674] - Basic debugging checklist

[] -

[|course notes] offered by [|Perl Training Australia] - course notes offered by Perl Training Australia

[|Best Practices(TM) reference card] - Best Practices(TM) reference card


[doc://perlop#Quote-and-Quote-like-Operators|String interpolation] - String interpolation

[doc://perldata#Scalar-value-constructors|Using "${...}"] - Using "${...}"


[doc://perlref|Perl References] - Perl References Manual

[doc://perlreftut|Perl reference tutorial] - Perl reference tutorial

[doc://perllol|Perl List of List] - Perl List of List

[References quick reference] - References quick reference

[|Why it's stupid to use a variable as a variable name] - Why it's stupid to use a variable as a variable name

[id://591878] (from [id://954]) - References (from Tutorials)


[doc://perlre|Perl regular expressions] - Perl regular expressions

[doc://perlretut|Perl regular expressions tutorial] - Perl regular expressions tutorial

[id://696693|some references for working with regular expressions] - some references for working with regular expressions


[doc://perlboot] - perlboot

[doc://perltoot] - perltoot


[wp://Schwartzian_transform|Schwartzian Transform] - Schwartzian Transform

[|Orcish Maneuver] - Orcish Maneuver

[|Sorting strategies] - Sorting strategies

[|grep, map and sort] - grep, map and sort

[|A Fresh Look at Efficient Perl Sorting] - A Fresh Look at Efficient Perl Sorting

[id://145659] - Advanced Sorting - GRT - Guttman Rosler Transform

[id://287149] - fast, flexible, stable sort

Character sets:

[id://755156] - Decoding, Encoding string, how to?

[|unicode tables] - unicode tables


[id://756081] - Re: Secure Perl Coding Standards


[id://691557] - Explaining Autovivication


[|What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic] - What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic

[id://781317] - Humans have too many fingers

Quick Fixes:

[id://87628] - Use strict warnings and diagnostics or die

[id://686571] - The strictures, according to Seuss

[|Ovid's CGI Course - Resurrected and Updated!] - Ovid's CGI Course - Resurrected and Updated!

[id://745674] - Basic debugging checklist

[id://699932] - Suffering from Buffering

[|Watching long processes through CGI] by [merlyn] - Watching long processes through CGI by merlyn

[id://246455] - Re: spawning Perl s‎crip‎ts

[|Search in progress page] by [merlyn] - Search in progress page by merlyn

[id://481745], short answer [mod://Data::Dumper] - How can I visualize my complex data structure?, short answer Data::Dumper

[|Getting your kids to do the work] by [merlyn] - Getting your kids to do the work by merlyn

[id://703235] - Re: File::Spec patch (alternative)

[id://740068] - Good IPC Message Protocols?

[id://740055] - Plot a spiral with gnuplot

[id://295965] - Efficient processing of large directory

[id://732286] - Burned by precedence rules

[id://743530|CGI tutorials] - CGI tutorials

[id://519640] - CGI Programming

[id://743790|hiding source code] - hiding source code

[id://779752] - Uncool Use Of Perl: perl2exe. decompile quick steps

[id://788328] - Swallowing an elephant in 10 easy steps

[id://668481] - Unix shell versus Perl


[id://446098] - Undetectable Keylogger

[id://939930] - (OT) email id


Doing linear scans over an associative array is like trying to club someone to death with a loaded Uzi. -- TimToady

People with links I want to steal

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