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Re^2: Find duplicate files.

by Anonymous Monk
on Oct 10, 2008 at 03:36 UTC ( #716359=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Find duplicate files.
in thread Find duplicate files.

thanks to lemming's code for generating md5 hashes above, It became the first part in finding duplicates for me. I used the following code to find duplicates and show them. Running the same code again with 'remove' will 'move' all the duplicates to a ./trash/ subdirectory. Its a little too specific based on my specific needs, but might be a nice start for someone else needing the same. It went through 25k files, finding 11k duplicates, moving them to a ./trash/ directory in about 60 seconds. this code below takes the output of lemmings code above.
#!/usr/bin/perl -w # usesage: fileMD5.txt [remove] # input file has the following form: # 8e773d2546655b84dd1fdd31c735113e 304048 /media/PICTURES-1/my +media/pictures/pics/20041004-kids-camera/im001020.jpg im001020.jpg # e01d4d804d454dd1fb6150fc74a0912d 296663 /media/PICTURES-1/my +media/pictures/pics/20041004-kids-camera/im001021.jpg im001021.jpg use strict; use warnings; my %seen; my $fileCNT = 0; my $origCNT = 0; my $delCNT = 0; my $failCNT = 0; my $remove = 'remove' if $ARGV[1]; $remove = '' if !$ARGV[1]; print "\n\n ... running in NON removal mode.\n\n" if !$remove; open IN,"< $ARGV[0]" or die ".. we don't see a file to read: $ARGV[0]" +; open OUT,"> $ARGV[0]_new.temp" or die ".. we can't write the file: $AR +GV[0]_new.temp"; open OUTdel,"> $ARGV[0]_deleted" or die ".. we can't write the file: $ +ARGV[0]_deleted"; open OUTfail,"> $ARGV[0]_failed" or die ".. we can't write the file: $ +ARGV[0]_failed"; print "\n ... starting to read find duplicats in: $ARGV[0]\n"; if(! -d './trash/'){mkdir './trash/' or die " !! couldn't make trash d +irectory.\n $! \n";} while(<IN>){ my $line = $_; chomp $line; $fileCNT++; my ($md5,$filesize,$pathfile,$file) = split /\t+/,$line,4; if(exists $seen{"$md5:$filesize"}){ my $timenow = time; my $trashFile = './trash/' . $file . "_" . $timenow; # moves dup +licate file to trash with timestamp extension. #if( ! unlink($pathfile){print OUTfail "$pathfile\n"; $failCNT+ ++;} if($remove){if( ! rename $pathfile,$trashFile){print OUTfail "$pa +thfile\n"; $failCNT++;}} $seen{"$md5:$filesize"} .= "\n $pathfile"; $delCNT++; print " files: $fileCNT originals: $origCNT files to delete: $d +elCNT failed: $failCNT \r"; }else{ $seen{"$md5:$filesize"} = "$pathfile"; printf OUT ("%32s\t%8d\t%s\t%s\n", $md5,$filesize,$pathfile,$file +); $origCNT++; print " files: $fileCNT originals: $origCNT files to delete: $d +elCNT failed: $failCNT \r"; } } foreach my $key (keys %seen){ print OUTdel " $seen{$key}\n"; } print " files: $fileCNT originals: $origCNT files to delete: $delCNT + failed: $failCNT \n\n";

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