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2009 QA Hackathon - The Dates

by barbie (Deacon)
on Dec 05, 2008 at 08:10 UTC ( #728223=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Following the initial announcement at YAPC::Europe, Birmingham Perl Mongers are pleased to announce that the 2009 QA Hackathon will be held over 3 days from Saturday March 28th to Monday March 30th 2009.

Our wiki - - is now live, so please feel free to sign-up and add details about yourself if you want to be involved, suggest projects or people for the event. We are hoping to attract about 15-20 people with plans to hack on various QA/testing projects, so if you think you can contribute something, or would like to nominate someone, please feel free to update the Attendees page with contact details, etc. Also if you think a particular project should be covered, please add a page for it and tell us about it.

We are also looking for sponsors for the event, and although we have already contacted a few, we are eager to have more in the event we are able to provide funding for more attendees, particularly from overseas. If you have a contact for us, please send an email to with details. We are delighted to have $foo Magazin sponsor us, as well Birmingham Perl Mongers, who are underwriting the complete event.

Negotiations for venue and accommodation are ongoing, so we'll make those known once they are finalised. We would like to have everyone together, so if you're planning to bring your partner/family with you, please add a note to your entry in the Attendees page, so we can make sure we allocate rooms for everyone. Expect more news regarding the venue and accommodation in the new year.

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