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NEW CPAN Testers site - Preferences Administration

by barbie (Deacon)
on Dec 08, 2008 at 13:26 UTC ( #728940=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

With no little amount of fanfare the CPAN Testers would like to unveil a new site to accompany the rest of the family.

The CPAN Testers Preferences Administration website is now available for authors to specify the preferences they would like to set for the receipt of reports and summaries. The site now drives the Daily Summary Reports that are produced by the Author Notification System. Currently only Daily Summaries are available, but as the system settles in, the ability to provide individual reports and Weekly Summaries will also be available.

The preferences are separated into two sections, the default preferences and the distribution preferences. The default preferences are applied when you have no specific distribution preferences defined. It is here you can also switch off the ability to receive reports at all, if you wish not to be bothered with CPAN Testers. The distribution preferences can be defined for each distribution which you have released to CPAN. If you choose to only define specific preferences for some of your distributions, the remainder will use the default preferences.

The preferences themselves allow you to specify which grades you are interested in, whether you wish to just be alerted to the first or all tuples, where a tuple is an instance of Distribution version, Perl version and Operating System. You can elect to just be notified about the latest release of a distribution or all versions, as well as the Perl versions and operating systems which you wish to be alerted to, or conversely not be alerted to.

As the system is only meant for CPAN authors, the backend is driven by your PAUSE credentials. However, please note that your password is never stored by the system, and is only used to verify your login with PAUSE itself (all over SSL).

One important note I would like to make authors aware of, is that if you are not receiving summaries, then login to the site and find all notifications have been disabled without you previously asking me to, you may want to check your PAUSE account directly. The system uses your 'PAUSEID at' mailing address to send reports, and as such if you haven't correctly set up a forwarding mail address within PAUSE (it doesn't appear to be a default setting), then persistant bounces will disable all notifications within your account. Once you correct the PAUSE forwarding, you can then enable notifications and should then begin receiving summaries, as per your preferences.

If you find any problems in using the system. please me know.

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