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I thought I'd put a screen shot in the POD docs for one of my modules. So I added png images to the distro and some POD to display them, similar to:

=for html <img src="../../doc/images/find_with_ack.png" style="mar +gin-bottom:4px;"/> ... =begin html <img src="../../doc/images/run_tests_1.png" style="margin-bottom:4 +px;" /> =end html

Rendering the POD locally with pod2html will include the HTML in the page. But nothing turned up in the docs on

I can't actually recall having seen inline images in any other module documentation, only already rendered HTML pages being shipped separately (these are listed under "Other files" in the distro overview).

I can imagine =for html is disabled for security reasons or something, even if that may seem a bit silly since you can easily just add a whole web page...

I'm just speculating and guessing here, does anyone know what the deal is? Is there a format other than "html" that would work?