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Re: PerlMonks for newbies?

by matze77 (Friar)
on Feb 07, 2009 at 18:02 UTC ( #742146=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to PerlMonks for newbies?

I agree with the many answers as i think it is *not a good idea to fork PM*.
completely UPDATED: Maybe it would be better to help make this site a little "new user friendlier" (write tutorials/guides add a book review make this a good place for new users to get started. There are many valuable users around here the only little problem i see is that some information for new users here migt be a little outdated, I am not at the level to fix it so dont ask ;-) ... )
spread the word. Link from your webpages to PM ...
I think PM is newbie friendly (as long as you respect some basic rules as on any site).

I dont think you could prevent people to post newbie questions at all. So it is no use to create a place for newbies only cause they wont all be there, and if they be there the experts which should answer the questions might not be willing to be around cause of the uninteresting newbie questions. (I got some Admin mailing lists subscribed and there are always some basic Desktop users questions asked there too from misguided new users you cant prevent that ... There will always be people who wont read the manuals, imho thats human nature to take the easy way ...)

Some things that surprised me about Perl in general :
Perl is not well known to be a good language for "web development", i would say Perl is not widely known at all (compared to PHP, Java but i am luckily not the person that is blinded easily by "Hypes" and "Bling-Bling" ...).
I hate those badly designed Flash sites (especially since i am often on a low bandwith connection), which want me to download the latest flash player e.g. or those nasty videos that are already on the Start page so please dont make PM to such a cruel site. Perlmonks can be basically read with links and that is a good thing ;-).

Personally i thought (before i started to try it out) Perl only might help for sysadmin tasks ..."
What might help: Put a small text on your webpages "designed with Perl" and link to Perl ressources? .

I think Perl needs more public relations. (I told a friend that i want to learn Perl programming he answered "Oh yes i did some Perl a few years ago, but isnt Perl dead? I didnt hear much of it lately ...)
Just my 2 newbie cents

btw: I am just around here for 3 month (got fewer time to practice than i wished), but i found this site invaluable for me as a newbie to Perl.
In fact i count it to one of the best places i found so far. I think the XP thing is a good aproach ( i must admit that i did not ask a few very basic questions cause i feared XP loss, that is a small drawback. But in general it is good and helps to find the worthy nodes i badly wished this would be possible for some mailinglists i subscribed too ...).
The design of the Site is good, it is well structured, hanging around the CB Other CB Clients i learned many things by the way ...

Thank you all for your help and wisdom

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