A few weeks ago cosmicperl began a discussion about the pros and cons of a newbie focused satellite site for Perl Monks. The suggestion of a new beginners only site was not particularly well received, and instead triggered a large number of suggestions about how the current Perl Monks could be improved.

This is only one of many threads where suggestions for improving PM have been offered. In the coming weeks, I hope to construct a list of some of the more recent threads. I will also be reviewing them and compiling a list of suggestions that people have made for improving PM. If anyone else is interested in working on this, please make yourself known.

This process (and this post) is an outgrowth of the discussion we had last week on the thread Process for Site Improvement. We have at present no "official" wish list or mechanism for prioritizing suggestions for site improvement. In that thread jdporter suggested that for the time being, one way to get a better understanding of what changes matter to us monks would be to compile a list of suggestions from PM discussion threads.

Some of the proposals in PerlMonks for newbies? are very specific; some simply point out general areas where improvement might be valuable. I've assembled a list (below) of the various suggestions from that post in hopes of stimulating discussion on the following questions:

If there is no objection, when this thread winds down, I will summarize the comments here and post the results so that we can continue to build on the discussion.

Best, beth

Note 1: My apologies in advance if I left out anyone's suggestion or misrepresented their views. If I have done so, please message me and I will make the correction.

Note 2:Many thanks to all those who gave suggestions privately and on the thread Process for Site Improvement about how to go about this task. They made this thread possible.

Suggestions have been grouped into one of the following categories:

Site look and feel suggestions

Site content and navigation suggestions

Community building suggestions

Site performance suggestions

Site development tool suggestions

Places to look for further inspiration