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I'm not sure if this code will help , but i have used file find to perform a force copy of every file present inside a set of directories and the sub directories to another directory.These folders have pictures in them which have been sorted and reside in individual sub directories .for eg.
folder1 |-nature | |-animals | |-sky | | |-night | | |-day | | |-silouttes | |-flowers |-cars
and everything gets moved in bin mode to another single folder.
#!usr/bin/perl use strict; use File::Find; use File::Copy; my @location=("C:/folder1","C:/folder2"); my $new_location="C:/moved_files"; foreach my $location(@location){ print "\n$location\n"; find(\&force_move,$location); } sub force_move(){ my $file=$_; print "\n $file"; my $out = "$new_location/$file"; if (-d "$file"){ } else { if ($file ne "."){ open (OUTBIN, '>',"$out") || die "unable to open $out"; binmode(OUTBIN) || die "unable to set binmode $out"; print "\n$out\n"; } } } print "I am done!!!!"; sleep(2);