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Thank you for this info and as you saw in the other forum i was the one that accidentally found this out, after noticing the encoding of the file the helper upload it for mw that worked. Thanks celaring this out for me though.

I didnt knew that before the shebang line i should have used '#!'. Isnt it enough that it has it in the shebang line as well '#!/usr/bin/perl' ? i tried clciking the link with BOM but it wont load so i still dont know what BOM is and why the webserver on the remote server won't understand it since it runs apche while locally my apache web server does not care as to what encoding i save the file. Works with/withoiut BOM utf8 or as ansi.

You say that if my script is UTF-8 i probablt have to use use utf8; What do you mena by that? When a script source is considered to be utf-8? I must tell you though that inside my perl scripts i use greek text.