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Re: Lady Aleena's first working module

by ELISHEVA (Prior)
on Oct 05, 2009 at 07:39 UTC ( #799190=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Lady Aleena's first working module

You've come a long way, baby!

Egads! White space. Lots of it! strict, warnings, polite use of Exporter (with @EXPORT_OK), consistent use of indenting, documentation. All good!

Count Zero has made great suggestions. Here's one more. There are some standard conventions about how sections of POD are organized. Here's how I would revise your pod to use more standard headings and organization. However, there are many styles out there and I encourage you to check CPAN for further examples, as well.

=pod =head1 NAME Games::Random::Alignment - generates random alignments for AD&D 2nd Ed +ition. =head1 USAGE use Games::Random::Alignmnet qw(random_alignment); # generate lawful, chaotic, good, evil or neutral random_alignment("parts"); # generate good, neutral or evil random_alignment("good_vs_evil"); # generate lawful, neutral, or chaotic random_alignment("lawful_vs_chaotic"); # generate lawful evil, neutral evil, or chaotic evil. random_alignment("evil"); # generate lawful good, neutral good, or chaotic good. random_alignment("good"); # generate chaotic good, chaotic neutral, or chaotic evil. random_alignment("chaotic"); # generate lawful good, lawful neutral, or lawful evil. random_alignment("lawful"); # generate lawful neutral, true neutral, or chaotic neutral. random_alignment("neutral_lc"); # generate neutral good, true neutral, or neutral evil. random_alignment("neutral_ge"); # generate any two part alignment. random_alignment("any"); =head1 DESCRIPTION This module generates random alignments for AD&D 2nd Edition. When yo +u want to generate a random alignment with this module, you can choos +e from any of the alignment axes. For examples, see the L</USAGE> se +ction above. =head1 AUTHORS Lady Aleena with lots of help from DrForr, whoppix, and rindolf in the + #perlcafe on freenode. =cut

As you have already probably figured out indenting pod causes it to be formatted as code, so all of the usage section will look like code samples. L</Some heading name here> lets you create a link to any other heading (a name introduced by =head1, =head2, etc) in your pod. See perlpod for all the gory details.

Best, beth

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