This is geared more towards the beginner, to give him a chance to golf, but if you are more advanced and still want to post, than you can just post your code in a 'black box'.

The problem: Passed to your function is a list of numbers, and the function should return a list of those number's factorials. (factorial of 5 is 5*4*3*2*1).


@a = factorial(5); $a[0] = 120<br> @a = factorial(5,3,10); $a[0..2] = (120,6,3628800)

Again, this is meant for beggining to intermidately skilled programmers, but if you are better than that, you can see if you can beat my humble (and probably futile) atempt at the golf. (Click readmore to see my code).

sub f { push@a,eval join'*',1..$_ for@_;@a }

The 15 year old, freshman programmer,
Stephen Rawls