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I have a small package that's just a command- it just contains a bin/script- a makefile, a readme, etc. The bin/script defines subroutines. I want to test these subroutines.

The usual kill here, is to move the subs into lib/

And t/00.t will use lib './lib' and test out subs in great.

What if I don't want to move subs from bin/script into lib/ for testing?

How can I use bin/script's subroutine definitions to use inside t/00.t, without running bin/script entirely??? I thought of maybe declaring a package inside bin/script, aside of main. But then, main will still run. Makes sense.

( Pseudo code follows.. This is an example bin/script )

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; @ARGV or die("missing args"); map{ printf "%s\n", make_fun_of($_) } @ARGV; exit; sub make_fun_of { "I think @_ is funny." }
Great. I need to test make_fun_of() in my t/00.t ..
use Test::Simple 'no_plan'; require './bin/script'; # ????? for (qw/james cindy susan rob/){ ok( make_fun_of($_) ); }

Obviously, this is not going to work. So, how can I code bin/script in a way that allows it to.. I suppose optionally act a perl lib. Ideally, this would be done by declaring a separate package inside bin/script, one that's not in main. And t/00.t would somehow call that, and ignore main inside bin/script.. ??? (Sorry about the verbosity- I'm having difficulty asking the question.)

My main interest is that I want to keep the code in this one file, but I also want to test parts of it. Is this too greedy on my part and should I just forget it ( as in this is a waste of time ) ?