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Re: Substitution problem

by BioLion (Curate)
on Jul 12, 2010 at 10:36 UTC ( #848972=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Substitution problem

A simple fix would be to do a few checks before you make the substitution:

use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper qw{Dumper}; my %hash = ( 'GREETING1' => 'HAI', 'GREETING2' => 'HELLO', ); my $value = '-GREETING1- James -POSITION- -GREETING2- -FOO-'; ## find potential matches my @matches = $value =~ m/-([^\-\s]+)-/g; ## give summary print "" . (scalar@matches) . " matches for >>$value<<:\n" . (Dumper \ +@matches); ## check each potential match before substituting for my $match (@matches){ if (exists$hash{$match}){ # recognised? ## make substitution, including updates on string print "\t>$match< replaced:\n"; print "\tWAS : $value\n"; $value =~s/-$match-/$hash{$match}/; print "\tNOW : $value\n"; } else { print "$match not replaced.\n"; } }


4 matches for >>-GREETING1- James -POSITION- -GREETING2- -FOO-<<: $VAR1 = [ 'GREETING1', 'POSITION', 'GREETING2', 'FOO' ]; >GREETING1< replaced: WAS : -GREETING1- James -POSITION- -GREETING2- -FOO- NOW : HAI James -POSITION- -GREETING2- -FOO- POSITION not replaced. >GREETING2< replaced: WAS : HAI James -POSITION- -GREETING2- -FOO- NOW : HAI James -POSITION- HELLO -FOO- FOO not replaced.

Not a one liner, but maybe a bit clearer to follow and easier to expand later... HTH!

Updated: Added some comments...

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