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AFAIK, you will only be able to mount windows from Linux using cifs or smbfs. In my world Linux uses Samba for both. Samba does not run on your Windows computer it only needs to run on your Linux computer.

If you run this command on a Redhat and most likely any other Linux computer you can see if Samba is running. You should see processes for smbd -d and nmbd -D running

ps -aux | grep mbd

If samba is running I use this command on my Linux servers to run perl scripts on Windows file system all the time.

$mp = "/mnt/mylinuxmountpoint"; $winshare = "//windowsservername/windowsshare"; RHEL3 $mount = "/bin/mount -t smbfs -o username=hari9,password=hari9passwor +d,workgroup=hari9doomainname"; Older versions of the 2.4 kernel use smbfs and newer versions use cifs +. RHEL5 $mount = "/bin/mount -t cifs -o username=hari9,password=hari9password +,workgroup=hari9doomainname"; sub Mnt { my ($mntcmd,$mount,$share,$mp); ($mount,$share,$mp) = @_; $mntcmd = "$mount $share $mp"; system("$mntcmd"); } Mnt($mount,$winshare,$mp);
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