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Greetings, ye Monks so Monkey.

We recently started looking into using Drupal for some stuff here at work. Drupal claims to be special in that it is kindof in the space between a Content Management System and a web development framework. By that I mean, it's more flexible and complex than a CMS but not as flexible and complex as a framework. Basically, it's a CMS which does plugins really well and people have extended the hell out of it.

The problem with Drupal is that it's all written in PHP (boooo!).

So if I want to really get the creamy goodness out of my Drupal experience, I need to either (a) code in php (boooo!) (b) use something other than Drupal that's like Drupal but uses perl plugins or (c) figure out a way to write Drupal plugins in perl.

Can anyone offer advice for this probably silly attempt at language loyalty?

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