in reply to Anonymous Monk?

UPDATE: Ugh! I'm already being down-voted for having asked this earnest question. Please don't do that. PerlMonks Discussion should be the place on Perl where one can ask questions and express opinions about the community openly and without fear of being silently down-voted into submission to a hegemony.

I can't vote and can't say for the voters, but here are a few quirks with your posting

Found 18 nodes roughly between 1999-10-04 and 2011-01-15 (searched 100.00% of DB).

where title contains all of "Anonymous", "Monk"

2000-04-04 turnstep Anonymous Monk ownership PMD
2000-04-24 perlmonkey Monks with control over Anonymous? PMD
2000-05-07 developers Anonymous Monk's Logging PMD
2000-05-19 princepawn whither Anonymous Monks? PMD
2001-08-17 silimonk Question to all Anonymous Monks: why you do not register? PMD
2001-11-08 Anonymous Monk PM thinks I'm AnonymousMonk even after logging in PMD
2002-02-04 hackmare anonymous Monks: a double-edged sword in an argument. PMD
2002-05-01 dsb Restricting Anonymous Monk PMD
2003-09-16 enoch What's on Anonymous Monk's Head? PMD
2003-11-29 Anonymous Monk "I've checked all of these" in Anonymous Monk PMD
2003-12-08 jonnyfolk Reputation for anonymous monks PMD
2005-09-27 prad_intel Anonymous Monker ! PMD
2005-11-07 EvanCarroll Anonymous Monk Voting/XP PMD
2006-11-09 grep Disallow Anonymous Monks from posting to tutorials PMD
2008-11-27 perl2008 A message for Anonymous Monk PMD
2010-11-21 Anonymous Monk themes for Anonymous Monk or try out themes without changing display settings PMD
2010-12-10 Anonymous Monk permission denied for Anonymous Monk PMD
2011-01-15 Jim Anonymous Monk PMD