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Email notification of replies pertaining to me

by hermida (Scribe)
on Apr 06, 2011 at 08:46 UTC ( #897697=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Sorry if this is a stupid question, cannot find it in my user settings. How do I get an email notification for any reply to my nodes or to my replies in other nodes?

Sorry I just did a search and see this point has been brought up before. These posts are quite old has this features been implemented now? To me this is a must have as it's such a pain to go to your nodes and everywhere you replied to see if someone commented or replied.

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Re: Email notification of replies pertaining to me
by Anonymous Monk on Apr 06, 2011 at 08:57 UTC
      Wow, that is a real bummer I really like PerlMonks and the people who use it but this makes the application much more of a pain to use, every other app in of the same genre has this type of feature... oh well
        What app?

        There is a setting that will send you a /msg when every time there is a reply to one of your nodes.

Re: Email notification of replies pertaining to me
by davido (Cardinal) on Apr 06, 2011 at 15:34 UTC

    Any account holder has an internal private message inbox. It's found at the top of your Chatterbox nodelet. Anytime someone replies to your posts, there will be an automated message in your private message box informing you that you've had a reply, and pointing you to the reply node.

    If you have a look at What XML generators are currently available on PerlMonks? you will see that there is an XML ticker for that mailbox function. The ticker can be found at private message xml ticker.

    By now your brain-wheels should be turning. ...if you can write yourself an application that checks the xml ticker periodically and alerts you to any changes in it by sending you the new notification, you will quickly know whenever someone either replies to your post, or sends you a private message. If you wish to only trigger on system notifications you can filter by user to eliminate messages from other users.


      Sorry sorry I understand, getting negative XP means that I'm not seeing it, apologies it just didn't even enter my mind that someone would have to write a script in order to do this pretty much essential forum feature. I will write one and post it so other new users can take advantage.
      Very sorry for the misunderstanding, I didn't mention that I already have this set... but I didn't mean that, I meant getting notified to my own personal email address so I don't have to constantly log in and check the PerlMonks private inbox.

      Very sorry can something be fashioned out of the private message xml ticker to send something to my profile personal email address?

        I've worked quite a few places where lots of e-mails get sent. Due to spam, sending a lot of e-mails actually isn't a simple thing any more. I wish it were, because I'd prefer to send out e-mails to those who want them over having a ton of people running scripts to constantly poll the site.

        Even if we ignore the problem of sending too many e-mails such that we increase the risk of getting blacklisted (which would mean we can't even send "I forgot my password" e-mails successfully to a large percentage of our users), we would need to add a "verify my e-mail address" feature and track whether your e-mail is verified.

        And then we really should process bounces so that when somebody's address stops working, we stop sending them e-mails (in part because sending e-mails to bouncing addresses contributes even more to the risk of being blacklisted).

        And we need a "stop sending me these e-mails" link in the e-mails so that I can stop getting e-mails even if I have no idea how to log in to PerlMonks.

        Most of those pieces aren't terribly complicated. Perhaps you can find members of pmdev interested in working on such. There are certainly plenty of members of pmdev.

        - tye        

Re: Email notification of replies pertaining to me
by ww (Archbishop) on Apr 06, 2011 at 12:39 UTC
Re: Email notification of replies pertaining to me
by tospo (Hermit) on Apr 07, 2011 at 08:24 UTC
    I agree that this is a missing feature that makes this forum quite a bit harder to use than other forums of this sort.
    I understand that there are lots of issues with sending emails and I know about the /msg box. Basically, I can live with notification in the msg box only but what I do miss is the ability to subscribe to threads you want to follow even if you are not the OP or if the posts aren't a direct response to one of your own posts. Unless I'm missing a setting, this is currently impossible and you have to trawl through "Recent Threads" or chase up threads you have posted in via "Nodes you wrote", which is very slow. Please correct me if I have missed something obvious.

      Not a perfect solution, but you can collect this kind of nodes in your scratchpad.


Re: Email notification of replies pertaining to me
by LanX (Cardinal) on Apr 07, 2011 at 13:43 UTC
    There is a beta functionality to get RSS-feeds per thread, but as long as it's not hosted on perlmonks I leave it to the author to advertise it.

    Apart from this I heard about a yahoo "watching" feature to produce email-notifications when RSS-filters fire.


    Cheers Rolf

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