in reply to PDF::FromHTML subroutine not found

A similar bug has been recorded 11 months ago.

Looking at the source (and showing my findings...), I don't readily see what causes this behaviour. The relevant pieces of the code are:

use constant HAS_HTML_TIDY => do { local $@; eval { require HTML::Tidy; 1 } or do { unless ( eval { require XML::Clean; 1 } ) { die( "Please install HTML::Tidy (preferred) or XML::Clean +first" ); } 0; # Has XML::Clean but no HTML::Tidy }; }; ... sub parse_file { ... if (HAS_HTML_TIDY()) { }

It seems to me that the use constant does somehow not have the effect of declaring HAS_HTML_TIDY, but I don't see how that happens.

Do you have HTML::Tidy installed? Also, as you seem to be running the system Perl, how did you install the module? Did you use your vendor's package manager?