in reply to If I told you "you have something here" as I touch my left cheek, do you...

Have you ever told someone they had something stuck in their teeth and they say something sheepish or defensive like, "I know. I wanted it there." ?

I've a coworker that said that... I think he was so afraid to make a low impression of himself that he didn't want to admit that spinach in his teeth was not a weakness for which any of us would've held it against him... of course his response made me think, "How pathetic." Heheh... :)

I was thinking... "Riiiiiiight. So now we're putting spinach in our teeth as a new trend in mouth decorations!"

When someone points out you've got a booger, thank them. I'd want to know if I had one. it's a simple matter of common courtesy, not their attempt to point our your character flaws... sheesh. :)