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Re: Re (tilly) 3: processing large files

by sierrathedog04 (Hermit)
on Jul 04, 2001 at 23:29 UTC ( #93920=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re (tilly) 3: processing large files
in thread processing large files

The problem is that if your naming scheme is 32-bits, then it only has about 4 billion names.
I agree with the point that you make, but what is this about "names?" I thought we were discussing the number of available addresses (and thus bytes) in a file, not the number of names.
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Re (tilly) 5: processing large files
by tilly (Archbishop) on Jul 04, 2001 at 23:48 UTC
    I consider a pointer to be the name of a byte in memory.

    Thus my mental model of the problem of seeking to a random spot in a large file is that you don't know how to name the location that you want. YMMV.

      Good enough. Since Perl does not permit pointer arithmetic any distinction between addresses and names is meaningless. While I understand that internally Perl uses C uses pointers and even pointer arithmetic it is, as you say, only a mental map.

      Ultimately it is all just electrical charges on a circuit anyway. Perl itself doesn't really exist at runtime.

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