RFC. First Draft of proposed, shortform, guide to posting SOPW. Cuts, refs, negatives (but, yes, we all know that some people won't read guidance, no matter how brief) welcomed!

5 Jan update: Reviewing Marto's suggestion, below, and the ++'s -- which in this case, I read as agreement -- how say ye to adding (as I've done below) li 7? Or do you lean to Eliya's view?   I've also replaced the "Ditto" in li 3. Also, reordered to keep code questions together.

So, you're gonna' post a SOPW? Unneeded in last-second checklist. Stricken 5 Jan

Here's a brief checklist for your question.
  1. Code tags ( <c> ... </c> ) tags around data and code?
  2. Includes a tiny snippet of (compilable) code that reproduces/illustrates your problem?
  3. Narrative description (not "doesn't work") of how that code falls short of your needs or expectations?
  4. Also provides sample data?
  5. Quoted, verbatim, all error messages and warnings (again, inside code tags!)?
  6. A title that identifies your topic (and no, that doesn't mean "Help, please" or a module name alone)?
  7. Post your OS, Perl (perl -v) and module (if relevant) versions?
Here's some additional reference material:
On asking for help   |   How do I post a question effectively?
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... and read the formatting tips around the the text-input and preview-edit boxes!

See luis.roca's Re: RFC - shortform posting guidance for newcomers.