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Re: Network Programming between Linux/NT

by joefission (Monk)
on Jul 08, 2001 at 09:07 UTC ( #94801=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Network Programming between Linux/NT

The problem, if I'm reading this correctly, is that you can't make system calls on NT from Linux.
Services can be added to NT to make it accessible from Linux, to varying degrees, such as SAMBA, SNMP, and WBEM.
andreychek has an excellent suggestion for other services. What they all have in common is providing a proxy to the Linux machine to manage an NT machine.

The most flexible (and probably has the greatest potential of danger) seems to be web-based management. Have an NT machine serve cgi scripts to manage other NT systems. No one can write enough here to talk about all of the security issues in implementing. No one knows enough and besides, who would want to read it here anyway?

In the spirit of TMTOWTDI, use to create your web-based administration on an NT machine, use Win32::AdminMisc, and the slew of modules available to provide remote administration of win32 machines. This will allow you to perform enterprise-level monitoring.

If you are only concerned with access to individual boxes, rsh (as John M. Dlugosz stated earlier), telnet, ssh, and vnc can be used to bridge NT and Linux.

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Re: Re: Network Programming between Linux/NT
by sierrathedog04 (Hermit) on Jul 08, 2001 at 16:31 UTC
    What you are suggesting may be a good idea, but the questioner specifically said that he wanted to administer NT boxes from a Linux box. Maybe he doesn't wish to run a webserver on one of his NT boxes. Maybe he doesn't want to shell out for an extra NT license for the administrator box.
      Everyone agrees that you cannot administer an NT machine with Linux "out of the box", yes? You have to add some glue code. That glue code is going to receive requests over the network, whether it is BigBrother, Monitor, SNMP, or god forbid a webserver. I don't see why an existing NT server or workstation cannot be used for this. Although you can justify buying more licenses, there is no reason for it.

      The webserver option I proposed may not be acceptable in this environment, but it meets the requirement given: the ability to execute system calls against/on NT from Linux.

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