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Re: Transcramble - Random text generator

by John M. Dlugosz (Monsignor)
on Jul 10, 2001 at 02:48 UTC ( #95195=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Transcramble - Random text generator

Many years ago, I saw a program called Bable (or something spelled similarly to that) which did this based on sample files. I think it used a Markov chain of two previous words, and punctuation was part of the word.

The best use of it was when some crazy posts started appearing in the discussion group I hung out in. We couldn't figure out at first if this person was totally psycotic or just wrote so badly that nobody could figure out what she was trying to say! After a few attempts to communicate with her didn't work out, I used that program to mimic her writing style and replied to one. It drew a lengthy reply! We seem to have carried on a conversation, though I have no idea what it meant. It was fascenating in that the program included her pet tag-phrases and other affectations, as well as the overall flavor.


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