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A better way to recurse FTP directories

by Snuggle (Friar)
on Jul 13, 2001 at 22:16 UTC ( #96508=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Monks, I bow to your Buddha Nature.

I have written a script to generate a web page that lists the contents of an FTP site. It has to recurse through all the directories and sub directories like so:
#! /usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Net::FTP; my $ftp = Net::FTP->new("ftp address here"); print "Content-type: text/html\n\n"; print "<html><title>FTP Contents</title><center><Head>The Tank FTP Lis +t</head></ print "<body bgcolor=black>"; if($ftp->login("username",'password')){ lister(0); } else{ print "FTP: Failed to login"; } $ftp->quit; print "</body></html>"; #------Subroutines------------ sub lister{ my $lev = $_[0]; my @dirs; my @files; my @dirarray = $ftp->ls(); foreach my $item(@dirarray){ if($ftp->cwd($item)){ $ftp->cdup(); push @dirs,$item; } else{ push @files,$item; } } my $buff="&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp" x $lev; foreach my $dirs(@dirs){ print "<font color=yellow>$buff\|_ $dirs</font><br>"; $ftp->cwd($dirs); lister($lev+1); } foreach my $file(@files){ print "<font color=lime>$buff\|_ $file</font><br>"; } $ftp->cdup(); }
As you can see it basically takes the contents of a directory and puts them in either a directory array or a file array. It differentiates between the two by checking to see if the FTP->cwd("tested item") (change directory) works. It then takes everything in the directory array and recursivly calls itself on that directory. As is it works fine, but for large sites (4000+ files and driectores) it takes a LONG time, and is quite server transaction intensive. Is there a better way to do this? I looked in the NET::FTP docs and I don't see anything that really fits the bill. I would like to know if there is a way to read file attributes on an FTP site. Any one?

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(tye)Re: A better way to recurse FTP directories
by tye (Sage) on Jul 13, 2001 at 23:26 UTC

    Move the recursive call to lister() up inside the first loop so that you only cwd() once per directory instead of cwd(), cdup(), cwd() for each directory. That will, at most, make it run twice as fast.

    Any faster method (other than just caching) would require the cooperation of the site serving the FTP files.

            - tye (but my friends call me "Tye")
Re: A better way to recurse FTP directories
by abstracts (Hermit) on Jul 14, 2001 at 05:17 UTC
    Hello Try using $ftp->dir instead of $ftp->list and check
    dir if /^d/, file if /^-/, error otherwise.
    (It may depend on the server platform, but checking and yielded similar results)

    Hope this helps,,,

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