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The monk

by chacham (Prior)
on Aug 06, 2012 at 03:43 UTC ( #985595=poem: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

There is that one monk, who most do not see,
A quite quiet fellow, at our monastery,
He loves to clean up, and dust off those bits,
And screams at the slackers, often in fits.
He can get quite angry, raising his fists,
But all of us love him, and just let him be.

He knows all the places, he's been here a while,
He knows all the rooms, and then every tile.
He puts things in order, in all in their places,
He cleans up the trash, without leaving traces,
He knows all the monks, recognizes their faces,
And memorizes the information on file.

He rotates the logs, and never asks why.
He cleans up the systems, so they can get by,
He dusts off the screens, and washes the cases,
He makes all the backups, on a regular basis,
He installs all the systems, keeping their places,
And knows plenty of digits in pi.

Yet despite all of his, keeping things going,
His weakness is, it always starts showing,
All of his greatness, begins to unfurl,
His brain just stops working, and goes for a whirl,
Whenever it comes to, coding in perl,
He's the one monk, who knows not of coding.

Everyone wonders, why is he here?
Yet everyone loves him, and holds him so dear,
He's always so friendly, makes sure to say hi,
He's tries to stay hidden, he truly is shy,
He helps others out, 'cus he a nice guy,
It kind of feels good when he's near.

At first all his quirks, had other monks sneering,
The terrible gossip, and unpleasant jeering,
Yet he won them all over, when he helped them out,
He always shows up, he's always about,
Now they're on his side, he has lots of clout.
As if he got a fair hearing.

So, if you see him coming, you should feel glad,
He's sure to help out, if only a tad,
He can always introduce you, to people he knows,
He can always inform you, he knows how it goes,
He'll even just listen, to all of your woes,
He really isn't that bad.

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