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Re: Argument values

by TheoPetersen (Priest)
on Jul 23, 2001 at 23:03 UTC ( #99126=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Argument values

You don't give much to go on; what do you mean by "the value doesn't work"?

My first guess though would be that the problem is here in the main routine:

$user_name = em(param('name')); &file_creation($user_name);
file_creation then converts $user_name as so:
$user_name = substr($user_name, 1, 4);
The em function prints an <EM> tag, so $user_name ends up containing "EM>" plus the first character of the parameter value.

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(ar0n) Re (2): Argument values
by ar0n (Priest) on Jul 23, 2001 at 23:14 UTC
    Not only that, but the variable in the expression directly above it is misspelled (note the lack of an underscore):
    ... if ( substr($username, 0, 1) eq "0" ) ...
    Please, use strict from now on!

    ar0n ]

      It's fixed guys, i wasnt sure what the em() was doing... thanks... sometimes you just dont see those little things that others see immediately and vice versa.

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