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Indeed it does sound radical. That was my point. I posted something not just radical but inimical to a great many people (including myself, sometimes), under my only login. (Which I use everywhere, it's as much me as my real name is)

Yes, this could be a long thread if we were to really take up the question of anonymity on the Internet, but I just wanted to throw an idea out there. I don't mind long threads -- no discussion should be unwelcome.

Though anonymity is, of course, a sacred cow to every proper freedom-loving technoanarchist.

(and I do so love hamburgers)

Maybe I'm a troublemaker, suggesting something like getting rid of AMs. But let's go back to the original question. We know that there will be a real problem that will most probably occur -- the signal to noise ratio plummeting. So, what will keep the site usable if this happens? We don't have a lot of case studies to go on...e2 and /. are about all that there is. And e2 is ALL noise. That's okay, that's what it's there for -- it self-selects for the gibbering sort of person. /. is a study in riot control, and it lives on the edge of chaos -- an interesting place to be, unless you are frustrated with the GD module and you need a quick answer because your boss expects something ready to go in less than 14 hours. Perl Monks is painted as a monastery -- probably a more apropos metaphor than the founders even intended. Knowledge is sacred and noise is banned in quite a few real monasteries, even today.

Okay, so noise bothers me, personally. But this is a democracy. Just because I get upset when some tentative newbie is crudely flamed does not mean that I am right. I actually think the IP suggestion could work. But it seems hypocritical when compared with my idea -- "Yeah, we're definitely pro-anonymity, but we're gonna log your IP address just in case". In case what? Someone uses the shield of anonymity to say something rude or unpopular, possibly over and over again? If the majority is pro-anonymity, then the majority should be willing to let AMs roam unencumbered. To do otherwise would be a farce.

So, nice to meet you John (really!). My name's Amanda. If you or anyone else would like to talk/argue/bitch me out, my home # is (408) 530-9348. I welcome your opinions.

email neshura ::I'm not anti-noise, I'm pro-signal::

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