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(Note: for some reason I'm getting logged out when trying to reply to the parent node of this thread, so this isn't really a reply to Trimbach :) What you need is to make sure you are adding your characters to a variable defined in an enclosing scope of your loop. This can be either a global/dynamic variable, or better, a lexical just like Trimbach's example. See What's a reference? What's a variable? What's scope? for an excellent recent discussion. Also, you can skip a step in your array initializations like so:

my @c = qw/b c d f g .../; my @v = qw/a e i o u/;

That said, I hope these passwords aren't going to be protecting anything of importance, because they are very weak. The central problem is that there is little entropy, or true randomness, involved in the password generation. Using the current time as a seed is a common technique, but if an attacker determines the clock setting on your server, all of your entropy is gone, and it's just a matter of feeding input values into various functions to find out how you are generating passwords. The fact that you've got alternating consonants and values gives an attacker an easy start.

Secondly, the "encryption" function is virtually useless because it's a simplistic and static translation. Take a look at the builtin crypt for a good, oneway encryption function.

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